Olusola "Shala." Akintunde is a Nigerian-American social-impact artist and multimedia producer best known for his interactive art installations and the creation of his infamous portrait series, Seven Spoon. He is also the founder of The Movement Worldwide, Inc., a boutique social cause and media company that produces music, multimedia projects and art-based collectibles. His company uses the profits from these funds to fund various environmental and social causes. As a multimedia artist, Shala’s interactive installations usually incorporate music and create intriguing experiences for the audience he serves. His visual art, which often incorporates new materials and technology, unapologetically represents the world of a first generation Nigerian-American raised amongst Chicago and West African influences. As a result, it tends to challenge social convention in a charming, yet confronting way. He is also producing solar-powered art installations and murals that provide lighting in underprivileged areas.

As a Nigerian American social-impact artist, born and raised in Chicago, I have grown to understand my unique place in the world. My work moves humanity forward by challenging perspective and perception. As creatives, often reluctant leaders of progression, we naturally create ecologies and industries. As beings that are fundamentally made to share, when left uninterrupted, the wealth we generate is recycled amongst the communities and economies we build. All human beings are creative on some level. Those who are courageous enough to pursue and share their creativity without compromise are called artists.

It is my duty to take the ego, and insecurity, out of my art and recognize that I exist to make a difference. I am here to interrupt limitations and inspire. In this new connected age we, as creatives, must be encouraged, celebrated and inspired. Again, everyone is creative. Artists are only distinct because we are here to galvanize a movement. We deserve overwhelming support and resources simply because... when creativity is fostered; humanity thrives.

- Shala.

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